Sunday, 12 July 2015

Travel in Jammu and Kashmir Package

Kashmir is one of those destinations where people love to visit again and again. It is one of most beautiful and magnificent place in India as well as in the world. It’s not just the people of India who admire the beauty of this incredible place but also the travelers from all around the world fall in love with its grandeur and magnificence. It is a dream destination therefore it is called as The Paradise on Earth. The peaceful atmosphere as well as the scenic charms of this place will give you thousand reasons to smile and enjoy.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been a symbol of eternal natural beauty since time immemorial. The once mountain retreat of Mughals, abode of Buddhist Lamas and Alps of India for the British rulers, was rightly termed as Jahangir's valley of paradise. It has been one of the most beautiful, attractive, serene, and most talked about yet most controversial tourist destination in India.

Thankfully, the things are getting better in the valley of lakes and houseboats after a disturbing era of insurgency of 20 years. Kashmir is home to some of the highest and most beautiful parts of the Himalayas. It is necessary to dispel a doubt here that the entire Kashmir is not violent or affected by the insurgency. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is comprised of three major parts; the largely Hindu Jammu, a Buddhist dominated Laddakh and the Muslim majority Kashmir valley. 

Laddakh is almost unaffected by the violent disturbances of Kashmir valley. Jammu is comparatively safer and Kashmir valley is getting better day by day; so you can travel to any part of the state including the Kashmir valley without any worries, if the security situation is normal over there. The most beautiful city in the entire Kashmir valley is Srinagar. The scenic views of the valley vary according to the location you are at. The mountain peaks look heavenly from a distance, the sunlight and the clouds appear to be out of this world and deep blue sky makes us feel at peace and rejuvenated.

Every year, the Kashmir valley sees a large influx of tourists, domestic as well as foreign. As Kashmir has been a popular destination on the tourist map of India for a long time, finding accommodations is no big problem at any popular destination. You will get all types of accommodation facilities almost at every location. A number of hotels as well as houseboats count amongst the main places to stay in Kashmir. Other than that, there are also a number of guesthouses in the valley that provide cheap accommodation. Enrich My trip offers exciting holiday packages which will make your visit to India much more enriching. We will help you explore the beauty of this land in a different way. You can also take kashmir package at affordable price.

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